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EVE BROWN is one of Scotland ‘s leading property-letting specialists and as a valued client our expertise will be dedicated to looking after you and your property. All of your property needs will be attended to; from the simplest of management tasks to the most complex we can cater for it all under one roof. As the region’s largest management firm we have also been able to negotiate special discounts from tradesmen and suppliers, allowing us to save clients money. In an increasing litigious world our management skills will ensure that your property will always comply with current safety standards.

Because EVE BROWN is a dedicated property management company you’ll know that the whole firm is there to look after your interests. Our reputation is built on the quality of service which our clients have come to expect. Many of our original clients have remained with EVE BROWN for the twenty years we have been in business and we often retain the management of a property even after it has changed ownership.

Our experienced team will assume responsibility for all aspects of day-to-day management and our modern computer-based systems mean we have access to up-to-the-minute information. We operate electronic banking through BACS ensuring the rapid movement of funds directly into your nominated bank account. We insist on all rents being paid by Standing Order, allowing us to monitor the flow of funds for each property and identify potential problems quickly. We also believe in building good relationships with your tenants, helping to ensure a happier, more productive letting environment.

Nor does our service terminate with the end of a lease. Our vacant properties retain the same level of attention and quality of service, ensuring that properties don’t deteriorate and that new tenants are actively sought.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in letting but I don’t have any experience in the letting market. 
We will give you all of the support necessary from advising on suitability of your property to full management when let.

I want to buy a property to let – can you help? 
Yes, as property managers we are uniquely placed to assist and because we’re not trying to sell for commission you know that our advice is impartial.

Can I be sure that my property complies with all current safety regulations? 
In a litigious world and one with ever-increasing regulation it is comforting to note that we at Eve Brown will guide you through all safety regulations and make sure that your property complies.

How are tenants selected? 
At Eve Brown we only undertake accompanied viewings. We then interview prospective tenants and take up references.

Once my property is let can I be sure it is being looked after? 
Yes, we undertake regular inspections no less than quarterly and we provide advice and guidance to tenants. Owners are notified of any problems.

Is there a danger of acquiring a sitting tenant? 
For the unwary there are pitfalls but with the expertise of Eve Brown we will ensure that leases are drafted with the full protection of the law.

How do I deal with rent collection and arrears? 
You don’t – we do. We collect rents and arrange for payments to tradesmen. Initially, our cashroom deals with arrears, and should a lawyer be required, because we are independent we are free to negotiate the best deals on fees.

How can I arrange for repairs and maintenance? 
Our Maintenance Dept will take care of that and because of our size we have negotiated discounted rates from the best tradesmen.

Do I pay for Council Tax and utilities? 
Not during the course of the tenancy. We make all of the necessary arrangements and we’ll even look after the payments when the property is unoccupied.

I need to upgrade white goods/furniture – can you help? 
Of course, and because we buy in bulk we have negotiated discounts from retailers not available to the public.

I have a question not listed above. What do I do?

Contact us at Eve Brown.

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