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St Andrews, FifeProperty is the single biggest asset purchased by most people and so it makes sound business sense to retain the best agents to look after that valuable asset and to make it as profitable as possible.

Buying a property to enter the market is relatively simple and can be done by anyone - but buying a property as an investment and then making that investment work is much more difficult and requires a detailed knowledge of the letting market: property, location, rents, renting, tenancies, repairs and maintenance requiring sophisticated management techniques.

As a valued client all of our letting experience at EVE BROWN will be at your disposal ensuring that you acquire the right property for you. Thereafter we will let it and nurture it as a valuable business asset. For those seeking entry into the academic letting market in St Andrews some may be aware that unlike other university towns St Andrews lets are, by long tradition, for only nine months. However, as of September 2002 academic leases are now a minimum of ten months, and are likely to rise further in the next few years. This has eliminated the attraction of holiday lets for the majority of owners; summer 2002 was therefore the last season that EVE BROWN offered self-catering accommodation.

At EVE BROWN property letting is our speciality and our advice will be all the more valuable because we will advise you to buy on the basis of sound investment criteria and not because we are trying to sell the property for a fee from a pre-existing client. Our advice will be clear, sound and there will be no conflict of interest. The property you buy will be a very valuable asset so don't put your faith in part-timers. Good management is inexpensive - poor management can be very costly. So, to safeguard your investment, contact the experts. Only EVE BROWN can offer independent and impartial advice backed up by full time staff dedicated to property management.