Eve Brown - Tenants Services and FAQs

As one of Scotland ‘s largest letting agents and the largest in Fife , EVE BROWN can offer

      • Long term tenancies
      • Academic tenancies
      • All property types
      • Numerous locations
      • To suit all budgets

Our experienced and friendly staff have considerable knowledge of our properties and services and will be able to assist in finding the right property for you. Once in one of our properties you will benefit from their expertise as property managers as they will be able to deal efficiently with any property queries.

Our letting philosophy has helped to establish our position as number one and we set the standard for others to follow. We regard our tenants as one of our most important business assets. At EVE BROWN we believe in the policy of a letting partnership with our tenants and we seek to create a satisfying letting environment so that your stay with us will be an enjoyable and trouble free experience.

Our management style is pro-active and we aim to have properties that are of the best quality and which are maintained to the highest standards possible. For your peace of mind we can assure you that our properties are routinely inspected to ensure continued compliance with current safety regulations, and our leases are drafted under current legislation which protects your rights as a tenant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Eve Brown rather than a private owner? 
By renting through Eve Brown you can be assured that your property is properly regulated and all aspects of safety regulations are satisfied. You also have a direct point of contact.

Is my tenancy protected as an Eve Brown tenant? 
Of course! You will have a properly drafted tenancy agreement that gives you the full protection of the law.

How do I pay my rent? 
Rents are payable by bankers’ Standing Order. It’s a quick system, easy to set up and easy to use. You need never miss a rental payment.

How much is my deposit? 
A deposit equivalent to one months rent will be required in advance.  Deposits will be taken by EBL and transfered to Safe Deposits Scotland.

Don’t agents just try and keep deposits for their owners? 
Not at Eve Brown. We aim to return full deposits ASAP and fair wear and tear is allowed for. But it’s really up to you. If you look after your property you’ll have no problems. For those who need help we have also negotiated preferential rates for you with cleaners, etc.  Deposits taken are transfered and held by Safe Deposits Scotland.

How do I know what is in the property before I move in and is there a note of the condition of the property? 
We will agree an Inventory as at the date you move in. This serves to set up your period of occupation and reconciliation after the conclusion of the tenancy.

What happens if something goes wrong in the property? 
Our Maintenance Dept is always on hand to assist so please simply report any problems to us and it will be dealt with promptly. Email sg@evebrown.co.uk or use the link in the tenants navigation on the right.

Do I have to leave at the end of the tenancy? 
It is possible to renew or continue the lease by mutual consent.

Could you answer another question?

Our pleasure. Please contact us for a reply.

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